Now you can finally do
UR PERSONALIZED hair cOLOR TO-GO knowing that you
really have the right shade!


Your fUSION HAIR COLOR BAR Salon experience begins with an analysis by the Master COLORISTA. You will explain what type of look you want and together you will determine if the entire look can be achieved at home or if part of it may need to be done in the salon.

For the @HOME portion, the Master COLORISTA will prepare your unique formulation and provide you with an entire take-home kit to apply your color when it is most convenient for you and in the comfort of your own home.

Your profile will be maintained at fUSION HAIR COLOR BAR Salon so that we will always be able to prepare your formula quickly.

In addition, fUSION HAIR COLOR BAR Salon is proud to incorporate FABULOUS HAIR SERUM, a gem-infused natural serum that strengthens hair, adding shine and beauty to hair after you color it.



@HOME fUSIONISTAS: it is required that after 2@HOME kits your next color service MUST be done in-house by a COLORISTA. During this time, your single process will be reevaluated, tweaks or adjustments will be made, and any faded color will be refreshed.