“Once again, the team at Fusion are professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Fusion Color Bar is the best there is.
— Diane Dilluvio

fUSION Hair Color Bar is the creation of Rocky Plateroti, an award-winning hairstylist and colorist who is frequently published in major hair and beauty magazines.

Throughout the 40 and more years of experience in his successful salon, Artista for Hair Colorgroup in Scarsdale, he has seen the change in lifestyle of today's busy woman.

fUSION Hair Color Bar, established in 2011, is a new concept salon designed to meet the needs of this woman uniquely. cOLORISTA's will all be trained by Rocky. Each cOLORISTA can perform every service so you don't need to book a specific Colorista for any visit

Upon walking in I was promptly greeted. This was my first time coloring my hair and I had some concerns. Those concerns were addressed and the whole process was explained to me. The entire process was easy and my hair turned out perfect! I couldn’t be happier. Great atmosphere and great staff. A+ all the way. I’ll be back again without a doubt. Thank you!!!
— Review by Michael Cuozzi

ar•ti•san [ahr-tuh-zuhn]
      noun 1. A person skilled in an applied art; a craft-person.
                 2. A person or company that makes a high-quality, distinctive product
                                in small quantities, usually by hand and using traditional methods.

fUSION takes an artisan approach to personalize hair color for our clients.